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<%JTE    OF   rHE    'BUFFALO    HEAD

unknown to them. When we saw the sparks
coming out of the buffalo's eyes we were at first
too scared to move. But when It started to snort
and move, we let out a yell and turned on our
heels and ran as fast as we could out Into the dark-
ness of the prairies. We did not know where we
were going; we just tore away with all the speed
we had. Had the men not run and overtaken us
and brought us back, we probably would have
been fatally lost.

When we got back to camp the men told us not
to be scared; for the buffalo head had told us that
our venture against the Crows was going to be
successful. Our mothers laughed at us for being
scared, and then put us to bed again. As they
tucked us back under our buffalo robes, they made
us angry when they said: * After this we shall have
to watch our 'little girls".5

The next morning White Dog interpreted to
the tribe the Vision* he had received over the
buffalo head. He said that the spirits still spoke
favourably of our prospects against the Crows.
He said that we were going to see the enemy on
the following day, and that we were going to
"take* four of them.

On the following morning when we resumed
our journey we saw quite a commotion ahead of us
ólots of moving objects. When we went closer
we saw that they were a huge herd of jumping